14 Year Old Boy Shoots Family

Boy Kills Five

Kalani Shipley, Editor, Writer

A fourteen year old boy has been charged with murdering his five family members in their home in Elkmont, Alabama. The victims of this tragedy were John Sisk, 38, Mary Sisk, 35, and their children Kane, 6, Rorrie, 5, and six month old Colson. All victims were shot in their sleep. The boy, whose name is being left anonymous to keep his identity from the public, called the cops the night of the killing, saying that someone had came in and killed his family. He later confessed to the murders when with police, and is facing five counts of murder charges.


The motive for the murders that night is said to be because the boy had recently found out Mary Sisk was not his birth mother. The boy’s grandmother is standing by her grandson and is quoted saying “we are going to love him, our attitude is he must be scared out of his mind and will realize all of a sudden what he did… we did not see a bad child. We did not see a child who was going to do this”, as said in an interview with ABC News. The remaining family is choosing to stick by the side of this young boy.


Private funerals were held for the five victims. Six month old Colson was cradled is his mother’s arms in their shared casket. “You can accept the deaths of the adults a little, maybe, but the little ones, the little babies, are what killed us,” says the boys grandmother. At this point, the grandmother has not seen the suspect but says she will soon.