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What Is Super Smash Bros?

Corvus Mixsooke, Writer

The Super Smash Bros franchise started in 1999 on the Nintendo 64 and has been on every Nintendo home console ever since with the most recent one being Super Smash Bros Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch, which released in 2018. The games feature characters and stages from other franchises mainly Nintendo brand ones such as Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Star Fox, but they also feature other characters from other companies games such as Ryu from Street Fighter developed by CapCom game and Cloud from the Final Fantasy series made by Square Enix.

There are multiple downloadable expansions, DLC for Super Smash Bros Ultimate such as costumes for the customizable Mii Fighter characters, stages based off of worlds from the other games, music, and characters which can be gotten with the Fighters Pass. The Fighters Pass contains 5 characters that have been revealed throughout the year right now we have four out of five being Joker form Persona 5, Hero from Dragon Quest, Banjo and Kazooie from Banjo and Kazooie, and Terry from Fatal Fury. The last DLC character has yet to be revealed at the time that in writing this article.

The Super Smash Bros franchise has made a lot of progress throughout the years. The first game, Super Smash Bros, only had eight characters, nine stages, 28 songs and only had the local vs. single player and training modes. From the beginning up till now the Smash Bros series has had multiple features added to expand the game and make it more fun. Now, with Super Smash Bros Ultimate we had 74 characters at launch. With the 4 Fighters Pass characters we now have 78 and soon will be 79 when the last character is announced. The game also has local and online vs. Single player, a story mode, and spirits which give your fighter special buffs like increasing their strength, size, and speed along with other attributes.

Super Smash Bros is a 2.5D fighting game meaning it has 3D models but you play on a 2D environment. When fighting you have your basic attacks, blocks, and dodges that every character has, but you also have special attacks that are unique for every character. Sometimes while fighting, an item called the Smash Ball will appear and float around the arena and if you break it you can use your Ultimate Attack that will deal a good amount of damage to your opponent. Instead of health in this game you have percentages. The higher the percentage, the further you will go when hit. If you need more tips you can use sources such as GameSpot’s video on Super Smash Bros Ultimate tips.

The series has lasted a long time and has a massive fan base. In my opinion it is a fun game with lots to do. Whether your a casual player or someone who likes some good competition there is a place for you and I recommend anyone to pick up this game to give it a try.