Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

What is this? Is it fun? How Can I Get It? What Is Dokkan Battle?

Liam Odermann, Advertising Manager, Assistant Editor, Writer

Dragon Ball! A series full of action, adventure, and enticing battles. This series is always advancing its way into video games, from old consoles to mobile! Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle brings your favorite characters from the Dragon Ball Multiverse into your hands with an interesting story, amazing art, and awesome gameplay.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is a mobile game for Android and iOS that bring the characters from the series to life. The game classified under the genre of Action and Gacha. Gacha games usually have an ingame currency that can be used to get characters or equipment depending on the type of game. In this game, currency called “Dragon Stones” is used to summon characters from all versions of the series! Characters go together in a team of 6 to complete stages and gain rewards to help them level them up and make them more powerful. Every character has a beautiful attack called a Super Attack which are usually personalized to the character. The game also brings fun events and stories. Recently, the game had its 300 Million Download Celebration about a month after its 4th anniversary. Each one of the ingame celebrations in Dokkan Battle is usually centered specifically around a certain theme. The 4th anniversary was centered around the Dragon Ball series “Dragon Ball GT,” while the 300 Million Download Celebration was centered around the “Cell Games Arc” in the original Dragon Ball Z series.

This game adds a lot of content to players who don’t spend money ingame so they can have the same experience as those who do. The celebrations add plenty of content: new event stages, special stages, character summons, World Tournaments, and free Dragon Stone. The owner of the game, Bandai Namco Entertainment, cares about the ideas and input from its players and takes many chances to engage with them through social media campaigns which allows players to gain rewards ingame. You can have Friends who can join to help you in the game by providing the use of their favorite character! Using a friends character gives players friendship points which can be used to summon free characters and Zeni. Zeni is the universal currency in the Dragon Ball multiverse used in cities and such, which is another more common currency used for leveling up and awakening which is done by gathering character specific medals from event stages.

I have been playing this game for around three years now and I have enjoyed every hour I’ve spent playing it. The game provides me satisfaction from it’s visuals and gameplay. I love Dragon Ball and I love to collect, so this game gives me the things I desire and puts them all on my phone. I recommend anyone take a chance and play this game. It takes patience and time so if you have that, you’ll be good to go!