Operation D Minus

A True Story Of A Boy Who Fell In Love With An Undercover Cop

Remmy Boyce, Artist, Writer

Justin Laboy was just your average highschool boy. He had straight A’s and was on his senior year, getting ready for college. Niomi Rodregez’s story started when she transfered down from New York to the highschool Justin Laboy was attending, Park Vista Community High School in Lake Worth, Florida. Justin met Niomi in one of his classes where he said he switched seats with people to get closer to her. He instantly began to have an intense crush on Niomi. Justin began to make of an more effort to get to know Niomi, going as far as serenading her with dance moves in the middle of class and asking her to prom. Niomi had declined saying that “it was too expensive.”

Niomi Rodregez was a fake name assigned to her by the law enforcement agency where she worked. She was part of Operation D Minus, which was an undercover investigation of southern florida highschools to see who was selling drugs and who was buying them. The whole operation totalled 30 students arrested for selling drugs to an undercover officer. Among them was Justin Laboy. This is their story.

The two of them continued to text over the period of time Niomi was assigned at community. Niomi saw an opportunity per-say. Niomi asked Justin if he smoked weed, to which he replied that he did not, but if that’s what he needed to do to get her to go to prom with him, he would get her some. Niomi agreed to the proposal. For the next few days, Justin Lamoy would find out how to obtain the drug, which he did, through cousins of his. Justin asked where they should meet up, and to his surprise, Niomi insisted Justin to bring the baggie the next day at school and just sell it to her there. Fines double in school zones.

The next day they met in class, but when Niomi had tried to hand him the money, Justin refused. In order to nail Justin, Niomi had to argue with him and plead him to take the money. But in his ‘in love’ state of mind he saw it as giving it to her rather than selling it to her. He wanted to show her that he would do anything for her. Which was ultimately the reason Justin took the money, as Niomi insisted it would make her “feel bad” if he didn’t take it, or more of, shove it in his hands while kissing him, just before the teacher walked in.

Justin described himself as very nervous that day and that it was something he had never done before, but for him it was worth it for love. At least that’s what he thought until one day him and 30 other students were arrested for selling drugs to undercover cops. Justin spent a week in jail and realized that he would not win in court. He pled guilty to the felony with 3 years of parole. He lost his opportunity to attend college.

“Niomi” admits she doesn’t regret the methods used to prosecute him.



You may have heard this story before. The story is well documented and was even created into Broadway’s shortest musical ever, “21 Chump Street,” written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of the very recently famous all American musical, Hamilton. You can find the whole production on YouTube, as well as after scenes with the real Justin Laboy.