Beans Beans, The Magical Fruit

Willard’s Chili Feed

Kalani Shipley, Editor, Writer

The first chili feed in the new building went off with a bang! There were about 80 families, students, and staff in attendance. Willard chooses to conduct its Open House with food and community. Chili is the perfect fall food (except for people who hate it), and it warms our bellies and souls. It’s also an easy food to judge and compare for a competition. Staff all create chilies in hope of winning the blue ribbon, but, ultimately, it’s a fun food for all to enjoy.


Q & A

  • What was your favorite chili? Describe it!

Jim Sorensen: My favorite was a mix between Stephanie’s all meat chilli and then mixed with Lisa’s sweet and spicy chilli.

Karla Hanson-Grady: Texas Chili. It was dark, had a little bit of sweetness, didn’t have any beans, it was kind of greasy in a good way! It was rich and flavorful.

Kevin Ritchlin: Probably Lisa’s chilli

  • Who did you come to chili feed with?

Karla Hanson-Grady: My husband

Kevin Ritchlin: My son came with me.

  • What kind of mystery meat would you put in your own chili?

Wyatt Gilbreth: Pig Anus

Karla Hanson-Grady: I would probably use Venison or Elk.

Jim Sorensen: Chorizo Sausage

Kevin Ritchlin: Bison or Elk

  • How much pain were you in after your chili gorge?

Karla Hanson-Grady: I was so full, it took me a day and a half to get over it.

Jim Sorensen: I definitely didn’t get all gassy, but I definitely had a stomach ache.

Kevin Ritchlin: Probably a 7


What was your chili feed experience like?

Dusk – It was fun to have my family hanging out with Liam’s family and for my family to meet some of my friends. It would have been nice to have a few non-chili side dishes — like mac and cheese casserole!

Liam – Pain! There were too many chilies – not enough room to try them all!

Grace C – I went for the socialization minus the chili.