Lonely Summer

The Impurity Of Those Who Do Not Know.

Maire Odermann, Photojournalist, Writer

The humidity rose and the leaves drifted in the wind, The smell of distant petricore hit my senses abruptly, causing me to feel a sense of relief at the soon to be purity and cleansing of my surroundings, but until then, I sit on my balcony, and breathe in the toxic smoke of sweet serenity. Each breath I take, takes me deeper into my calamity. Trapped within my mind, my thoughts take flight, remembering the days of a few summers ago, that blissful time hurting within my soul. A lump in my throat causes a sickly sweet taste with every breath I take, I’ve taken in too much and my body quakes. Trying to forget those days past, I sit back and relax hoping my stomach will last. But the thoughts return, easily as they go, each doubt one after another, drifting like snow. It hurts, but I continue on, the rain pours and I head inside to my life beyond.