A protest state of mind

A Protest State Of Mind

Anonymous, Hidden Identity Writer

Yo, Americans, it’s time.

It’s time, Americans.

Straight out the white dungeons of rap.

My brain drops deep, woke outta my long nap.

Congested, falsely arrested, here I sit confined.

Behind the walls of gangsters, life is defined.

I think of equality when I’m in a protest state of mind.


MLK has already walked this fine line.

Rosa Parks defining the black state of mind.

Malcolm X rising against the white tide.

Obama showing we are all on the same side.

All within this protest state of mind.


Power, privilege, xenophobia, like an arbour,

Boy, I tell you, I thought you were a starta’.

I can’t take the racism, can’t take the oppression.

I would have tried to protest, but I got no expression.

Racial profiling discrimination is quite the degradation.

I was kicked out without no discretion.

I never thought I’d see that depression.

Ain’t a soul alive that could take my brother’s impression.

Yeah, yeah in a protest state of mind.


I’m rappin’ from the segregation,

And I’m gonna move your communication.

And I’m gonna blow a part this whole world

with my musical indications.

You can’t confine me within your stone prison.

It’s time for you to hear what I’ve gotta say.

It’s time for the black man to rise up today.

Thinking of equality. Yeah, thinking of equality.

In this protest state of mind of mine.