History Of Stupid Things

History Of The Pet Rock

Liam Odermann, Advertising Manager, Assistant Editor, Writer

Have you ever wanted a pet without the hassle of cleaning it up or feeding it? Well so did other people back in 1975. A pet that never got hungry, never had to be cleaned, never had to be walked, and was never loud. Sounds like a dream? Well it wasn’t.

The Pet Rock was a collectible created in 1975 by Gary Dahl to appeal towards younger audiences and create a pet that parents would approve of getting. The Pet Rock came in a Rock Carrier which was a cardboard box which had holes to act like the rock was a real animal. The fad came to a stop around February of 1976 and was discontinued due to low sales. The sales of the product had skyrocketed around Christmas time for obvious reasons. Of course, knowing how fun a rock can be, its popularity fell very hard. I mean, who would buy more than one when you never have to feed it or clean up after it.

The Pet Rock became available again in 2012 and is currently being sold. To this day, Rosebud Entertainment currently holds the trademark to the Pet Rock and sells them frequently. Another fall of the Pet Rock was the making of the boxes and booklet. The rocks themselves were only mere cents each, while the breathing straw was pretty much free. The Box and Booklet cost quite a bit for the manufacturer and so they discontinued when the sales weren’t keeping up to standards.

In conclusion, the Pet Rock was and still is a stupid object we do not need nor will want. Going to the nearest park will cost nothing and spark creativity. Imagine any size rock which can be made to look like anything.