How The Kingdom Fell To Ashes

Hawk Hawkins, Writer

“Hold the wall!” a voice full of authority yelled over the sound of metal clashing. This was the last line of defence for the castle against the siege of monsters that were trying to kill them all.

“For Roska!” the rest of the soldiers called out as arrows fell from the sky at the monsters, piercing their thick hides and making them fall one by one. Yet as they fell, more came to take their place in the charge against the wall and towards the troops that were on the ground, with stones flying towards those who were shooting arrows. Deafening roars were heard as the monsters charged the masses, their large swords and crude maces slamming upon the soldiers shields.

Meanwhile, in the castle’s throne room, the king paced back and forth in thick, gleaming, golden armor with a sharp steel sword hanging on his left hip in its sheath.

“My lord, I must advise against this course of action. Let us take you somewhere safe, somewhere where these beasts can’t get you.” said his trusted advisor as he watched his king pace back and forth.

“I cannot allow my own subjects to fight for me while I flee like a coward! I have made my decision, Counselor Jackson, and I will fight with them, even if I die doing so.” the king shouted before stalking towards the large doors that lead to the halls. “My king!” the counselor called out just before his king slammed the doors closed behind him.

“Slay the beasts!” the king called loudly to his comrades and people as he stormed at the beasts, his subjects roaring a battlecry before joining their king. The monsters charged in retaliation with their own deafening battlecry, meeting the soldiers halfway. The sound of steel against wood filled the air as the two sides clashed, each mercilessly killing the other side with their weapons.

“Sir! These beasts are starting to overwhelm us!” one soldier yells to his king before fighting another monster, as the king killed beast after beast, any that confronted him.

“Then fight harder men! This is our home! This is our land! This is our victory! Now fight with your heart and soul for this kingdom that grants you freedom!” the king yells to all of his soldiers as he charges into multiple monsters, killing them one by one before moving onto more of them.

“For Roska!” they yelled before fighting harder, the call to their king pushing them forward.

Hours into the fight, the king finally fell, and with him dying on the ground with a spear sticking out of a chink of his armor, the soldiers started falling quickly. Before they knew it, the monsters had killed them all and stormed the kingdom, slaughtering women, children, and men alike, until every human that lived in the kingdom was lying in a pool of their own blood, faces of fear and sadness adorning their faces. This kingdom has now been lost to the sands of time, the bodies of its inhabitants long lost to the wind and ground, as nature reclaimed what was rightfully its own, forever gone to the world, and it’s history.