From Crows To Pigeons

What Happened To Willard?


Image Courtesy Of Pinterest.

Dusk Johnson, Assistant Editor, Designer, Writer

I’d first and foremost like to start this piece off by saying that regardless of my thoughts, I recognize that everyone here has their own reasons for coming to Willard. I love this school, and am simply saying my thoughts without any offense or harm meant to the people who come here. With that being said, this is where I stand: Willard has lost itself, it’s spirit. There are times when I come here, and feel like I’m the only one, with a select few, who truly appreciate this place for what it is. Jaded faces glare at our staff, who I think must be saints to deal with what has been thrown at them (sometimes literally) by our very own student body.
I want to take the time to say this to the minority of unappreciative students: this place, this building, these people, are a second chance. Willard does everything in its power to make things simpler, easier to understand for us. It’s honestly beyond me how some, even in comparison to their schools before Willard, believe the little asked of us is too much. Sure, everyone learns differently, and our school cherishes that, but it has come to my attention since I’ve been here, that as the floods of new students come in, more and more of us are completely refusing to learn, to give it a chance at all. I mean, most of our students won’t even read this paper you’re looking at right now, the one that we, their fellow classmates have been putting our utmost effort into and trying to bring to our community. I don’t blame any one person for this, and I know that there’s a good chance my voice won’t do much. However, on the off chance that I give someone a change of heart, I hope we can recognize how truly grateful we should be for what Willard has given us; love, attention, understanding, all things you would be less than likely to get with traditional education.
I know I sound like a bit of a goody-two-shoes with saying all this, and to be fair I really am! I’m not saying that everyone should be a perfect grades ‘star student’, that just wouldn’t be right… I’m just someone who believes that positivity should be recognized, and our school believes that too! With a touch more effort and a TON more respect to the people who make Willard what we are, I think we could easily get back to being our old selves. Honestly, this paper is one of the only places I’ve felt safe writing in, as if it were my own diary, my own story. Thanks to that, I’m able to say that I appreciate and love each and every one of the people who made that even remotely possible. With that, I would once again like to say, I have no intention to attack or harm anyone at this school. These are simply my thoughts, thoughts that I know someone will appreciate, and the very notion of that makes me incredibly happy. So, thank you readers, thank you Willard, and thank you to the students who love this place as much as I do.
Fly high, crows! We can do good together!