Baby Yoda Is The Best

My Obsession With Baby Yoda


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Dusk Johnson, Assistant Editor, Designer, Writer

Before you make any assumptions, be aware that I know next to nothing about Star Wars. I write this piece only to let you know that I love Baby Yoda, and I think you should too. I could leave it at that, but I won’t. You HAVE TO understand that there is nothing better in this world than Baby Yoda. If you’ve been living under a rock or maybe just aren’t well versed in internet culture, you may be wondering what exactly it is that I’m on about. Baby Yoda… Baby Yoda is quite possibly the cutest character to ever be created. You’ve most likely heard of Yoda from the Star Wars franchise. Who, contrary to the common consensus, I already find quite cute. Imagine a creature of the same species, aged down to a toddler, with gigantic brown eyes on head too big for its body. This, along with a magical charm and cuteness factor, is Baby Yoda.
The child character comes from the Disney Plus series The Mandalorian which takes place in the same universe as Star Wars. The baby ages around 50 years old but waddles and plays just like a human baby. It’s not currently known whether Baby Yoda is a boy or girl, but for the sake of this article I’ll be calling this cutie “he” in line with the memes surrounding the character. His favorite snack is frogs, which he’s been shown chasing, swallowing whole, and grumpily spitting out. He shows a similar curious baby nature throughout the current episodes, making him seem more child-like and again, super cute!
If you need more evidence for why Baby Yoda is arguably the cutest ever, oh boy do I have more to tell you! He floats around in a tiny cradle-like ball. His first appearance shows him pawing a blanket out from this ball, raising his big eyes up to the protagonist who saves him from being killed by a space robot (spooky)! He’s always shown in a tan coat that’s too big for him, his little hands barely stick out the fluffy sleeves! Pretty understandable considering he seems to be only the size of a melon (don’t ask what kind, I don’t know either).
I could go on about Baby Yoda for another five paragraphs, but for the sake of my fellow writers, I’ll end my excerpt here. Spread the good word of Baby Yoda, and he shall bless you greatly with his power of preciousness, thank you.

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