Shine And Stone

The Legend And Story Of Excalibur


Image Courtesy Of Pilgrimagination.

Liam Odermann, Advertising Manager, Assistant Editor, Writer

From voice to voice and from story to story. The legend of a mighty king and his elegant blade has been told since he existed back in the late 5th century. His heroic tale has survived because of his great deeds and magnificent heroism. This can only be one man and one glimmering blade Known as King Arthur and the holy sword, Excalibur.
Excalibur is the legendary sword known to have been owned by the king of Britain during the late 5th and early 6th century, King Artorius better known as King Arthur. His name was Latin translated to Arthur from Artorius due to lost translations. Through the tales of King Arthur, the sword known as Excalibur has been told to be both an average sword, and a sword with magical powers. The most well known legend of Excalibur is The Sword in the Stone. A sword in a boulder that no man could loosen from its cold grasp. One day, a man named Artorius Pendragon would be the one to set the sword free and become the king of Britain. He went on to make a name for Britain and give it its freedom.
To accompany the beautiful blade, there was Excalibur’s scabbard which is told to have the power to heal the owner of the blade and scabbard. The story of the sword is told through King Arthur’s adventures from the making of The Knights of the Round Table to his journey for the Holy Chalice. There are many renditions of the legend of the Sword in the Stone, but they aren’t told as often as the most basic and well known version.
The stories and legends surrounding King Arthur and his band of heroic knights are always oh so interesting. They differ from a quest from God to the freedom of his people. To read them and learn from King Arthur is a truly amazing experience and I would recommend spending time to read about him.