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How To Make A Fluffy Fursona In 3 Easy Steps


Image Courtesy Of Vectorstock.

Dusk Johnson, Assistant Editor, Designer, Writer

Furries are one of the many misjudged communities you can find in the world. What a lot of people don’t understand is that drawing anthropomorphic animal characters and wearing big fluffy suits is all just a fun hobby! Regardless of what you may have heard, the majority of the furry fandom is very nice innocent people or – animals. When one finds themselves somehow coming across this fandom, they may go one of a few ways; finding it strange and misjudging it, accepting those who enjoy it from a distance, or if you’re like me, becoming completely immersed in the world of cute cuddly characters! As far as I’m concerned, animals are amazing adorable creatures, why not express your love for them by making a cute character? This is where fursonas come into play.
The word fursona is a combination of the words furry and persona. Personas are a common thing on the internet with many personalities and influencers using a cartoon or animated character to represent themselves. What makes it a fursona? Simple! Being an animal! If furries or the furry fandom ever piqued your interest, it might be a fun idea to try your hand at making a fursona of your very own. Where oh where do you even start? Well, let’s get started!
Step 1- Species: The first step for making your fursona is to choose your species! Some of the most frequently seen ones are wolves, foxes, and the common dog. Don’t feel bound to what’s popular or even fluffy animals! You can be a big ol’ dragon if that’s what you feel like! There’s even some fictional species out there that you can try out – heck, make your own if you’re up to it! I personally recommend choosing an animal that reflects your personality. You can also pick a favorite animal, a spirit animal, or just a creature that you find aesthetically pleasing.
Step 2- Background information: This step isn’t completely necessary, but some like to write a story about their character to give more background and personality. I’ve had my fursona for a little over a year now, and I’m just now getting to writing his story! That being said, get as creative or as simple with this part as you like. This step also includes deciding things like gender, age, and anything else you want to add to your character. You can always give your character personality traits without having to write an essay, so have fun with it!
Step 3- Design: For this next part you’ll need to make a reference sheet. Reference sheets are used to visualize your fursona, and can be used to commission artwork of your character. If you get really into it, this can also be used when getting a fursuit made (if you do this I’m really jealous haha). Even if you can’t draw, making a reference sheet is easy with plenty of bases that you can find online, along with the base I’ve set up for you to use in this very article! Do be careful when using a base, to make sure you credit the original artist. You can get in a real sticky situation if you claim someone else’s art as your own. Once you’ve found a base you like, print it out or open it in a free art software such as Krita, Medibang, FireAlpaca, or Ibis paint, all of which can be downloaded safely and for free on a computer or tablet. If you aren’t a fan of digital art then go at a printed base with whatever supplies you like! You can add any markings, patterns, color, or accessories you want! Go wild with this step! Once you’re done, ta-dah! An adorable fluffy fursona is born!
Remember, you might not always like your first try at making a fursona, there’s plenty of chances to try again! And if you like what you make, you can make as many more as you want! There are plenty of people in the furry community that are willing to give advice on this topic, and even draw it for you! Get creative and have fun, fluff-butts!