Dreamland Sonnet


Image Courtesy Of Lisa Frank.

Dusk Johnson, Assistant Editor, Designer, Writer

Fairy dust glitters through a candy sky.
Unicorns rest under faint rainbow light.
In this soft colored place, pups learn to fly.
And stars sweetly shine far beyond the night.

Here in dream land, kitty cats share ice cream.
In the vanilla breeze, pink flowers sway.
Living is sweet in this colorful dream,
Cuddly plush toys can walk, talk, and play.

There’s plenty of sweets for everyone.
Hot chocolate and tea, too!! Oh yay, yum!
Fluffy bunnies and creatures all have fun.
In this cute place, I will never be glum.

Rainbows and candies all cloud my mind,
In this sweet little land I’ve come to find.