Minecraft Bedrock PS4

My First Impressions


Image Courtesy Of Mojang.

Corvus Mixsooke, Writer

On December 10, 2019, Microsoft updated the PlayStation 4 (PS4) version of Minecraft which had been using the user interface from the old PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but it was still getting the same updates as the main version called Minecraft Bedrock Edition. It had fewer features than the Bedrock edition even though they were getting the same updates, but now the PS4 version is part of Bedrock.
Being a part of Bedrock means they have everything the other consoles have such as certain items, character customization, the marketplace, and servers, I will talk about those later. Along with that they now can play with Xbox, Nintendo Switch, mobile, and PC. However the original mini-games such as spleef, glyde, and battle.
I used to play Bedrock on the Xbox One and it was flawed with, consistent framerate issues in big servers, crashes, long loading screens, and the loss of custom characters because they were using free cosmetics that were later changed later to be paid content. It wasn’t the best, but it was pretty good for someone without a PC. With this in mind, I was expecting the PS4 version to be worse since it was released that day but oh my gosh it crashed about 3 times and with that, each crash resulted in me having to remake my character.
I was trying to play with my friends later that day, the host was using a texture pack. When you join a game with a texture pack you have the choice to either download the pack or play without it. We all decided to download it, but then my friend and I ran into a problem where it wouldn’t download the texture pack so we had to leave the game and get another invite to join again. Then it would download. A problem with the Xbox version was that certain block textures would get corrupted. You can easily fix this by closing the game and joining back I believe. This problem was transferred to the PS4 version and two of my friends had that problem but we all were so done that no one cared to leave and fix it. They all got off not too long after.
The marketplace is where you go to buy your skin cosmetics, texture packs, premade worlds, and mashup packs by using either real money or Minecoins which work with every version except PS4. The PS4 has tokens instead. Tokens don’t transfer to the other versions they are purely PS4. Certain packs can be transferred between editions, but there are some that can’t.
There are big servers like Hyixel and LIfeboat that you can play on everything, but PS4 doesn’t have it yet. The page just says coming soon currently. Hopefully, it’ll have a better framerate than Xbox.
Don’t get me wrong we enjoyed playing it, but it wasn’t that good. They should have waited a little longer before they released it. With time it’ll hopefully get better, but for now, we get what we get and we can only hope Sony and Mojang fix these problems in the future and continue to update and make the game better.