Open Interpret Poem


Image Courtesy Of News 9.

Liam Odermann, Advertising Manager, Assistant Editor, Writer

Dim and brisk, the air is sharp in contrast of want.
A void covers and consumes color in its falling wake.
Labor caused by the weight of Mother Earth and her fury.
Sky high and hell beneath, a slippery slope towards payment and causation.
Pain engulfs senses that were once pleasant and overwhelming.
Spikes and needles spread from end to end, connecting seems.
Creation and destruction melt in sequence with the tide of light.
Rows of hues stand and walking in unison, side by side.
Rhythmic vibrations collected in a vibrant network of emotion.
Straying away and forgetting of what once filled one of life and creation.
Filling a hole with dismal and disorienting feelings of regret and tyranny.
The end with somber and sobering defeat and victory.