Our True Lord And Savior

About Dodogama From Monster Hunter World


Image Courtesy Of Jemleigh.

Liam Odermann, Advertising Manager, Assistant Editor, Writer

Large, blue, round, and most importantly adorable. The rock munching, heart crushing beast of perfect proportion. He is the ultimate creation from the heavens above. He is a true saint among life and futures ahead. He is the beast that creates cute, soul warming canvases in which memories are drawn and fulfilled. He is the mystical, Dodogama.
Dodogama is a monster you can hunt in the game Monster Hunter World, the newest edition in the Monster Hunter series. Why anyone would hunt this adorable creature is beyond me, but what is important is how cute this beautiful monster is. Dodogama is a passive monster which means unlike the other monstershe doesn’t attack when you’re near or in his sight. He only attacks when he is attacked. Dodogama’s behaviors include eating rocks, rolling around, exploring, and being adorable. Usually his days are busy with these activities. He is only found in Elders Recess and can be seen as you hunt other monsters. During these hunts, it is sadly not uncommon to see a Deviljoh attack and hurt the lovely Dodogama. The Deviljoh is a monster that roams around all the areas and attacks the monsters the player is trying to kill. It is also common to see teammates go to fight the threat to Dodogama instead of the main mission.
With the adorable nature of Dodogama comes the downsides. Now as much as you want to protect him, he also drops valuable materials that can be used in crafting many weapons and armor sets. This sad, sad truth hurts many players morally with the decision to kill or protect. However! There is a solution! You must hurt Dodogama, but instead of killing him, you can capture him, then later set free! Dodogama is also seen as a lord and deity to some players. He holds such an overwhelming power over your feelings and actions. His adorable appearance and demeanor sets a fire in the hearts of those who believe and protect him. Continue to protect and admire him with a fantastic smile. He is a truly amazing thing to come to this earth.