The Tale Of John Wayne Gacy

One Of America’s Most Infamous Serial Killers


Image courtesy of Scream For Me Inc.

Kalani Shipley, Editor, Writer

“John Wayne Gacy, often called the “Killer Clown,” was one of the worst serial killers in U.S. history. Raping and murdering at least 33 young male victims.” American serial killer and rapist, John Wayne Gacy took the lives of 33 young males in the County Cook area of Illinois. Burying most under his house, the rest were found nearby Des Plaines River. Also known as The Killer Clown for his habit of dressing up as a clown. The Killer Clown sometimes lured his victims by promising construction work. He would then capture, sexually assault, torture, and eventually strangle his victim with his hands or the use of a rope.
Gacy’s first arrest was in 1968 when convicted of sexually assaulting two teen boys. Gacy was given a ten year prison sentence. He was released on parole in the summer of 1970. The middle of 1970 two more young males had accused Gacy of rape. Gacy was then questioned by police, and had referred to this time in his life as his “cruising years,” when he had murdered his victims. December 11, 1978, 15 year old Robert Piest went missing. He was last seen by his mother at the drugstore where he worked before heading out to meet Gacy about a construction job.

Ten days later police did a search of Gacy’s home in Norwood Park, Illinois. Police uncovered evidence of Gacy’s involvement in numerous crimes, including murder. It was later discovered Gacy committed his first murder in 1972, after he took the life of 16 year old Timothy McCoy, after he had lured the young male to his home. After a prolonged amount of police surveillance and investigation, police discovered several trenches filled with remains in the crawl space beneath his house. After uncovering the bodies, 8 could not be identified. Gacy eventually confessed to killing 30 people.
Gacy’s trial began February 6, 1980. Gacy confessed to the crimes. The arguments had been focused on whether he would be declared insane and thus be remitted to a state mental facility. Gacy claims the murders were committed by an alternate personality. After short deliberation Gacy was found guilty of committing 33 murders. Gacy was imprisoned at the Menard Correctional Center in Illinois. Gacy died by lethal injection on May 10, 1994 at the Stateville Correctional Center in Crest Hill, Illinois. Before news broke about the killer clown, clowns were a popular form of entertainment for birthday parties and the circus. Things changed when the world heard about the dark side of some of these colorful entertainers such as John Wayne Gacy.