How Mindfulness Could Change the Social Phenomenon?


Jakiya Stringer, Photojournalist, Writer

“Mindfulness is an alternative way of meditating without the religious or ritual feel to the practice.” (Mindful Staff) There’s many names for mindfulness, many ways to practice it as well, and many ways to  get what you want out of Mindfulness. You can be mindful by eating, walking, paying attention and less judgement. Mindfulness is innately cultivated through proven techniques, like seated, walking, standing and moving-meditation. (Mindful Staff) Short pauses we insert into everyday life, like yoga or sports. Being mindful helps to reduce stress, enhance performance, gain insight and awareness through observing our own mind, and increase attention to others well being. Mindful meditation gives us a time in our lives when we can suspend judgment and release our natural curiosity about how the brain works. Approaching our experiences with warmth and being kind to ourselves as well as passing the energy on to other people.

I’ve been taking a mindfulness class with my teacher Gail at Willard Alternative High School, and here’s my own experience. I have been pretty ok with change and I’ve battled mountains with being calm as possible but sometimes it would get to me. I became more aware and accepted that I was changing a lot. Mindfulness isn’t about meditating, it’s about becoming aware of what you do to others and pass on good energy. Honestly, it gets hard to except difficult things and being kind, and not to take it out on others because most of the time they could help you bypass their own positive energy. Being mindful has helped me build boundaries and get to know my own person of natural ability and to not be blinded by the negativity. Practicing mindfulness with Gail has really helped me branch out. I have been practicing more by myself, Gail’s voice is very calming. She has helped me be able to get more relaxed by trusting nothing will happen to me while my eyes are closed because I have trust issues. Not only do I use mindfulness to relaxing me, I use it as stress relief breaks through my day like walking in nature surroundings because nature is my love.

Here’s what’s interesting about being mindful, anyone can do it! It’s evidence-based, Mindfulness has the potential to change social phenomenon. It sparks innovation. Always think mindful instead Mindfulness.

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