Rules And Guidelines For User Generated Content

These guidelines apply to all places on Willard Wire where users can post content.

– Behaviour Plan of Improvement – Safe and Appropriate

A behavior contract will be written to address specific inappropriate behaviors, such as, but not limited to, disrespect to a staff member; sleeping in class; online bullying; public displays of affection; confrontations; trash-talking; racist, sexist, or homophobic comments; unauthorized cell phone use; and abuse of computers and electronic devices. Behavior contracts will be in effect for the remainder of the trimester and continued through the next full trimester (or until terminated by staff).
Warnings and entries on your behavior log (which is written and reviewed with you but not issued as a behavior plan of improvement) allow you time and encouragement to correct inappropriate behavior. If you do not change your behavior after intervention and personal reflection, a contract is issued. If following that first behavior contract, you persist in negative behaviors despite continued intervention, a second behavior contract will be written. There will not be a third contract.

NOTE: If your behavior is sufficiently egregious (e.g. fighting), you may receive a behavior contract or be removed from Willard without a behavior plan of improvement or warnings.

– Cyber Bullying

The Willard Alternative High School Program has always been about respect – respect for staff, respect for other students, respect for self. This is supposed to be a really safe place for students, so that each one can be himself or herself without fear of harassment, intimidation, taunting, teasing, or name-calling.
The wide variety of social networking tools presently available provides students easy access to share important news and events with each other. However, using these communication tools in an inappropriate manner can have negative consequences – especially if unkind words or threats are used with the intent to hurt others. Tempers can quickly escalate and friends, with likely no personal stake in the original dispute, can easily join the online argument, thereby creating an “us” versus “them” mentality that is counterproductive to what Willard is all about.
With the good of this school, and the staff and students in it, in mind, any authorized or unauthorized use in school or out of school social networking software, computer networks, telecommunications devices, information technology, and related technologies, which disrupts or interferes with the educational process in any manner is prohibited and may result in discipline including a behavior contract, or ultimately withdrawal from Willard.
Any student who knowingly communicates in writing, including an electronically transmitted communication such as a text message or a Facebook entry, a threat to harm or do bodily injury to a person, a friend of that person, or a member of the person’s family is guilty of a violation of Willard expectations for student behavior. A written threat to harm another student, whether on or away from school grounds or premises, is also a behavior violation. A simple “like” of another student’s post could be construed as potentially hostile depending on the circumstances. A student who cites, aides, coerces, or directs others to commit acts of harassment, intimidation, or bullying will be held responsible to the same extent as a student who commits the act.
Creating a hostile learning environment for another student using social networking tools is unacceptable at Willard. The frequency and severity of the threat will be a factor in discipline. The use of computers and web tools to share information and important events is not prohibited. However, maintaining a respectful environment for all students and staff is of paramount importance, hence these cautionary words in the Student Handbook requesting the appropriate use of text messaging, Facebook and other social networking tools, while prohibiting negative, critical, threatening, harassing, or intimidating commentary about Willard or the people in it.

– Language: Swearing, Cursing, Vulgarity

Appropriate language is expected at all times. It is important that individuals express themselves in a productive fashion in order to create a safe, open, and respectful environment for all. All students and staff have this right to be treated with civility. Disorderly verbal conduct as described in 45-8-101 of the Montana Code includes but is not limited to (a) quarreling, challenging to fight, or fighting; (b) making loud or unusual noises; and (c) using threatening, profane, or abusive language. This kind of language will not be tolerated. We have high standards. Willard is a work place with work-place standards. Language violations can result in a behavior plan of improvement and/or citation if the behavior does not change.

– Keep these in mind before you post.

  1. Do not start or engage in any discussion of piracy.
  2. Do not post any sensitive or personally identifiable information.
  3. Do not re-post closed, modified, deleted content.
  4. Do not post porn, inappropriate or offensive content or anything else not safe for work.
  5. Do not post anything related to leaked content or warez.
  6. Do not post religious, political, or any other content that is prone to cause arguments.
  7. Do not use abusive language, this includes swearing.
  8. Do not post anything including racism or discrimination.
  9. Do not post threats of violence or harassment, even as a joke.
  10. Do not post post spam or derail a thread’s topic.
  11. Do not insult other members or start flame wars.
  12. Do not post anything that bypasses content filters.
  13. Do not abuse or encourage abuse of reporting.
  14. Do not post links to phishing or scam websites.
  15. Do not publicly or openly argue with a moderator or administrator.
  16. Do not artificially manipulate any voting/polls/ect. systems.
  17. Do not repeatedly post in the incorrect forum.
  18. Do not post excessive copyrighted material.
  19. Do not discuss anything related to drugs and alcohol.
  20. Do not solicit or beg.
  21. Do not advertise.

Thank you.

If you ever have questions about posts, please contact [email protected].

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If you repeatedly do not follow these guidelines, you will be Banned.
Information about Comment Bans is available here.


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Rules And Guidelines For User Generated Content