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    Please read the current Rules And Guidelines For User Generated Content before you post.

    Keep these in mind before you post.

    1. Do not start or engage in any discussion of piracy.
    2. Do not post any sensitive or personally identifiable information.
    3. Do not re-post closed, modified, deleted content.
    4. Do not post porn, inappropriate or offensive content or anything else not safe for work.
    5. Do not post anything related to leaked content or warez.
    6. Do not post religious, political, or any other content that is prone to cause arguments.
    7. Do not use abusive language, this includes swearing.
    8. Do not post anything including racism or discrimination.
    9. Do not post threats of violence or harassment, even as a joke.
    10. Do not post post spam or derail a thread’s topic.
    11. Do not insult other members or start flame wars.
    12. Do not post anything that bypasses content filters.
    13. Do not abuse or encourage abuse of reporting.
    14. Do not post links to phishing or scam websites.
    15. Do not publicly or openly argue with a moderator or administrator.
    16. Do not artificially manipulate any voting/polls/ect. systems.
    17. Do not repeatedly post in the incorrect forum.
    18. Do not post excessive copyrighted material.
    19. Do not discuss anything related to drugs and alcohol.
    20. Do not solicit or beg.
    21. Do not advertise.

    Thank you.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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