Release Notes

Release Notes For 3/27/2020 – 3/30/2020

2020.03.27 – 2020.03.30


The Complete Archive‘ is completely ready for complete PDFs of the paper!


Added the new ‘– Special Characters‘ staff category.

Changed the staff year from 2019-2020 to 2020-2021.
The “list” is subject to change and reordering however.


Please welcome our new staff members:
William Goodloe
Alex Withnall-May
Brooke Powell
Dillon Peterson
Kyra Messer


You can now post comments freely! No more awaiting moderation!

Release Notes For 3/17/2020



Added the COVID-19 page.

Added a special placement variant of the COVID-19 page on the home menu.

Added the COVID-19 splash page.

Stay Safe!

Release Notes For 1/22/2020 – 2/6/2020

2020.01.22 – 2020.02.06


There is a new placeholder image. The Willard Logo!

Cookies should no longer stay tied to your device for 1902587.51902 years!

Currently planning some totally cool stuff that you should totally look forward to!


Added many new stories.

Dusk Johnson

COPPA Or Cop Out?

ZACC Attack!

Dreamland Sonnet

Liam Odermann

Made in Heaven

Our True Lord And Savior

Legend Of Z


Maire Odermann

War On Poor Children

Ju-On: The Grudge

Corvus Mixsooke

Minecraft Bedrock PS4

The Progression Of Mario Games

Kalani Shipley

The Night Stalker

Ted Bundy One Of America’s Most Notorious Serial Killers

The Tale Of John Wayne Gacy

Grace Carman

The Brain And Dissociation

Release Notes For 1/21/2020



Changed certain mail links to no longer open with your Operating System’s default mail service.
You open a mail link on a PC running Windows, it will by default open Outlook, which is Microsoft’s personal information manager.

Click the links below to see for yourself
This Link Will Open Your Default Mailer!
This Link Will Open Gmail!


Updated the ‘About’ page.

Started major construction of the ‘Archives‘ page.

Release Notes For 1/16/2020



Added new stories.

Dusk Johnson

Gender Appeal Party

From Crows To Pigeons

Build A Bean

Baby Yoda Is The Best

Liam Odermann

Shine And Stone

Remmy Boyce

The Main Message In Disney’s “Zootopia”

Cat Touchmeown

Release Notes For 1/5/2020



Certain categories will now be excluded from displays and possibly searches.


Added a new poll! (When passing by a reflective surface, what do you do?)

Polls should automatically swap to new ones periodically now.


Changed the dates of a few stories. (For internal purposes)

The ‘Willard Talent Show‘ has come to a close.

Release Notes For 1/4/2020



Most links should open in a new window now, so you don’t have to “(ALT + LEFT ARROW)” any longer!


Removed Grynsoft Publisher Sale! from the top left scrolling carousel. (Now it’s completely gone from any scrolling menus)


Reordered the ‘Staff Profiles‘ back to their original positions.

Updated the content of a few staff profiles.

Release Notes For 1/3/2020



The Grynsoft Publisher Sale! has been removed from the scrolling carousel. You can still access it through this link forever.

This will most likely be used again for all future Steam Sales.
Unless if Grynsoft does not wish to participate in the sale.

Here are the Steam Sale dates from 2019, which should help you know what to expect in 2020.

Steam Spring Sale 2019:  Expected to start on Thursday, May 23, but there wasn’t a spring sale in 2019.

Steam Summer Sale 2019: June 25–July 9

Steam Halloween Sale 2019: October 28–November 1

Steam Black Friday/Autumn Sale 2019: November 26–December 3

Steam Winter Sale 2019: December 19–January 2 (January 2020)

How much time you have to purchase Grynsoft products on sale?

The Summer and Winter sales are the big ones. They tend to last around two weeks.
The Spring and Black Friday Autumn sales last about one week.


Changed the color of the “Release Notes For…” text to make it easier to differentiate betwixt days.

Changed how the button links operate on the ‘Archives‘ page.

Currently looking into the issue regarding text on stories in the ‘Current Issue‘ categories.

Added a ‘Color Picker‘ page!

Release Notes For 1/1/2020




You still have 28:39:10 (at the time of writing) to take advantage of the Grynsoft Publisher Sale!


Completely fixed the horrendous issue regarding the ‘Staff‘ page!


Essentially every picture turned black, and it took lots of “artistic and fun time” to fix it.


To explain the issue, we need LORE!
– The staff members are represented by GLORIOUS squares of their likeness –
– To hold our staff to such a high esteem does not come without consequence –
– The staff page was shrouded in darkness, all but forgotten –
– Every member was reduced to an abyssal black husk of pixels –
– But along with the darkness there is light –
– And this light healed the page, restoring its former glory –

Release Notes For 12/19/2019



Added new comment pictures!
All new comments will default to having a randomized monster as their picture!
This monster is randomly generated by a couple of factors.

Refresh this page to get an idea of the possible combinations!


Updated ‘Apocalypse Panic‘ and ‘Ascend To The Throne‘.


Updated ‘Willard Broadcast‘ page.


“Promoted” ‘Grace Carman‘ and ‘Vincent Coyan‘ to the ‘Broadcast‘ position.


Changed how aggressive VCASD is when flagging comments.

Release Notes For 12/4/2019



Added ‘Release Notes’ and ‘Updates Feed’ page.

Ordered articles by new ‘Criteria’.

Added ‘Arts And Entertainment‘ and ‘Gonzo‘ sections to home page. (Oversight)

Added new ‘Comment Attributes‘.

Removed ‘Willard Talent Show‘ splash page.

Added ‘Version 1.1.5‘ splash page.

Added new information regarding ‘Comment Bans‘.



Updated authors of ‘Test Story‘.

Removed visibility of ‘Comment Guidelines‘ story.



Updated the ‘Release Notes’ and ‘Updates’ page. (Haha)

Removed unnecessary ‘/’ on ‘Advertisements‘ page.

Added useful links to ‘About‘ page.

Changed ‘Comment Guidelines‘ from story to a dedicated page.



Changed staff name ‘IBM Watson‘ to ‘Watson‘.

Changed visibility of staff ‘King Of Kings A’.

Updated content and information of the following staff profiles:
Grace Carman‘, ‘Maire Odermann‘, ‘Wyatt Gilbreth‘, ‘Iggy Crow‘, ‘Anonymous‘, ‘Elephant #15‘.

Changed ‘Elephant #15‘ staff photo to a more suitable one.

Updated placement of staff ‘Event Master‘.



Introducing VCASD™!
An automated system designed to detect violations of any and all guidelines set in place.

The Bottom Of This Page Gets Lonely.

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