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Spring 2020

From Stephanie Wing's Poetry Class!

It’s Stephanie Wing!

Seeking my name

Who am I

Who am I to become

Is my name truly what I am called

Is there something else I am called

When my name is no longer called out 

am I lost forever

– Anonymous

The face of midnight

The man in the moon

Is he watching over us all

One day we’ll all join him 

among the stars 

– Anonymous

As life flows on, 

Will our impact on the earth remain.

The scars we have created will always be here.

Our impact on this planet will never be forgotten. 

When will we learn that our lives don’t matter 

in the grand scheme of the universe.

– Anonymous

Deep in the darkness

How will I get out of this pain?

Who will show me the light?


To be lost in the darkness,

The only thing that can pull your mind out, 

Is your own mind.


To find your way out is a sign that you have 

Truly understood what your mind and body are capable of. 

 – Anonymous

Across the western sea

Stood an ancient oak tree.

The leaves danced in the breeze

As The old man watched sipping his tea, 

Waiting for the day death would strike upon thee.

When the day came the old man sighed with great relief,

For he could finally reunite with the one he loved a great degree.

When he saw his true love after what felt like centuries,

 They danced under the ancient oak tree for the rest of eternity. 

– Aubrey Kleinhuizen

As life flows on

Like a river it will reach tides.

When the white water subsides

The river begins to slow .

As new seasons come and go,

Once again the water begins to flow.

On and on the cycle goes,

In an infinite pattern of highs, and lows.

– Aubrey Kleinhuizen


The innocence

of the snowflake

a disguise for what

darkness lies underneath.

Villages in ruin

Desperately beg

For your assistance.



Deep in the northern woods

Seek the white flower

In the midst of the snow.

Its beauty exceeds deception

Its strength restores ruin

And its power restores life.

It is the remedy you seek

So desperately. 



The white flower

purer than any medicine

Banished the dark shroud

and with it restored 

What once was

thought lost forever.

– Aubrey Kleinhuizen

Snowy Owl:


When autumn leaves turn scarlet

My compass guides me elsewhere.

My eyes

Like the glistening Sun

upon the vast horizon

Seek new dwelling

As The arctic breeze

flows through my feathers


Like fallen snowflakes.


As hunger beacons

I heed its call.

Beneath the iIcy blanket

I seek the answer. 

Instinct emerges

And action strikes.


Nestlings hatch

One by one

Singing the song

of the sun

Dancing the dance

of life.


As my time comes to an end…

Let The leaves

of Autumn fall

Let the glistening sun

See its set,

Let the Snowflake

That once saw the sky

Lay in rest

As the compass guides me

To my last 

and final breath.

– Aubrey Kleinhuizen


Why do you make 

me feel this way? 

Why did you have to leave 

me so soon? 


I wish you were here with me now. 

The memory of you is still too bright. 

It’s making hearts hurt 

for miles around. 

At night pictures 

of you are seen dancing in the sky.  


 Come back, 

I plea, to help me 

like you used to. 

To make all the pain 

go away, 

even if it’s just for one day. 

– Katie Larson

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