Willard Teacher Appreciation Week

It Was Teacher Appreciation Week!
We’ll See You Next Time On May 3-7, 2021!

Thank You To All The Teachers Here At Willard, And Around The Globe!

“Teachers change the lives of millions of people every day, and their immense work and impact moves us beyond words.”

The Teacher And Staff Appreciation Messages!


Emily Withnall

“A huge thank you to all the teachers at Willard. You’re doing an excellent job of providing instruction and lessons to students, as well as support. I can’t begin to imagine how challenging it’s been to pivot to online learning and navigate the many complexities of that. Your hard work and dedication to your students is so appreciated.  My teen has benefited enormously from the instruction and compassion of all the teachers at Willard. Thank you, thank you.”

Jennifer Nave

“I want to thank the entire Willard Staff for being so dang AWESOME!!! You are warm, welcoming, and wonderful and it’s so cool to see how much you care for our kids and their families. I appreciate every single one of my colleagues at Willard… I am so grateful to get to work alongside you. Thank you!!!”

Lisa Waller

Teachers Aren’t Anything Without Their Students.


“I want to thank all teachers and staff at Willard. I have one graduate from Willard and one currently attending. I also appreciate how much everyone cares for my kids. Willard is more like a family than a school. I would like to take this opportunity to tell Kevin and all staff thank you for taking care my kids and making them feel like they can accomplish anything. Willard rocks!”


“You all at Willard are FANTASTIC! Your teaching skills, empathy, and genuine caring has truly transformed my daughter’s perspective. In the year she has been at Willard (as a Senior), she has become inspired and engaged with learning. The pandemic has thrown a curve ball to everybody everywhere, but because of the foundation of trust and appreciation that you had cultured before the shutdown, my daughter is weathering the challenges with resolve. So, thank you so much for making lives better. We appreciate your hard work, compassion, and passion. Virtual hugs all around!”

Lisa Waller

Every Day Is Pajama Day!


“I am so thankful for Willard and everything I’ve gotten from its community. From staff to students, everyone has played a part in making Willard the amazing community it is. I’ve gotten some of my bestest friends through Willard, Im so glad that I get to go to willard.”


“The teachers and staff at Willard really care about their students. When my son was struggling, their actions demonstrated that they cared about him as a person, not just a student. They continue to go over and above to customize each student’s experience, addressing individual needs and challenges so each student has the greatest chance of success. Thank you so much for all of what you do!”

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